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By nature I am a creative person but sometimes my daily job doesn't include much creativity. I cherish my time outside of work and fill it with those that I love and things that I love. What things do I love you ask? It changes, but today I love making soaps and bath products, creating jewelry and my long time love, photography. Beautiful things that make you feel special and pampered.

Handmade Soaps & Bath Stuff
In the last few months I have found a new love... soap. If you don't know why I would love soap then you haven't had handmade artisan soap without all the added chemicals. Artisan soaps are creamy and rich in lather. They make your skin feel like a new kind of clean and softness. I also have started taking baths on a weekly basis. There is just something about relaxing in quietness with mounds of yummy smelling bubbles and fizzy bath bombs. ...more on artisan soaps

Custom Jewelry Design
Before soap came jewelry. I love creating custom jewelry that are one-of-a-kind pieces. The stones are collected locally from the Mojave Desert by me and my family (i.e. those that I love). It's almost like treasure hunting which is what makes it so much fun. Each stone has a story. I love telling those stories at the in-home jewelry parties. ...more on custom jewelry

Before soap and jewelry came photography. I have been a photographer for over 25 years; mostly weddings, newborns, seniors and family portraits. I don't have much time for photography any more, but I cherish the days each family or bride and groom shared with me. ...more on photography

There is something special about sharing a piece of your creativity with someone else, whether it be soap, jewelry or photography. It's a piece of myself that I give to those that appreciate what I do. Thank you for visiting my web site and come back soon; I may have a new love!

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